Saturday, May 24, 2014

Catching Up!

When I last wrote, I was chastising myself for being lax with my writing! Sheesh! It has been over two months since then!!
Not writing doesn't mean I haven't been reading, looking, oohing and ah-ing, and dreaming of more things to do.  I haven't been terribly productive but certainly not for lack of WANTING to be productive.

Since I last wrote, my husband and I had a nice little vacation. We toured southern Utah - Zion National Park, the Arches National Park, and drove on some off-the-main trek roads.  We saw gorgeous scenery and we managed to get to Colorado Springs to visit our son and daughter in law. Our travels brought us south through part of New Mexico and then into Eastern Arizona and back home.  It was an enjoyable time and so nice to spend  with Louie! When we finally get time alone together, we shake our heads and wonder why we took so long to make it happen  :)

After our short vacation, it was work, work, work.  Then, of course, I needed another break.  My sister and I were originally planning on attending the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburg but decided we needed to work, rather than spend more money. So off to Vermont I went!

Diane (sister) wrote up a pattern and I put it together.  Then we decided to make a "younger" version.
Here's what we created:

This is the first bag.  Diane had wanted it to be wider but we were limited by our use of the border fabric.

This is our "younger" version.  The fabric is Bloom Modern II by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics.  This is just screaming out to a young girl.  We braided the handles and Diane came up with the idea of using ric-rack with  a flower button to hold the bow.  Pretty cute, huh?

The small pouch is an Atkinson Design.  Very cute and easy to put together!
We also put a small baby quilt top together before I left.  I will post photos when I have it all quilted (my weekend project).
Mom was with us the entire time and we had fun.  I would sit down at the sewing machine and Mom would want me to show her something on her ipad.  Then, I would sit back down to sew, and Mom would want me to help her with her Christmas presents.  I was in Vermont for four and a half days and managed to get quite a bit done. 
I hope you all have a relaxing long Holiday weekend!  Remember those who gave their lives so we might live free!
Until next time. . .