Sunday, July 28, 2013

Count Down to all Kinds of FUN!!!!

Only 4 days (to work) before leaving for my SEWCATION!!!! Saturday morning, bright and early, I will hop on a plane and head for the Northeast part of the country.  I have much to do before then. . . I need to make sure all of my work (job work) is done before I leave - don't want any of that hanging over my head while I am gone. I will be spending the next few days on conference calls and finishing up reports. Then, when my work day is over, I will be doing other work.  I have a goal of sending out 4 packages this week. Three of them will be baby gifts, one will be a box of goodies to my son who has been deployed to Afghanistan. 

My second countdown is (drum roll please!) . . . The Ho Ho Ho Blog hop begins on Wednesday, July 31st.  I will be featured on August 9th  AND I will be having a give-away!!

So, be sure to check back.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Just two more weeks and then I get to fly to Vermont for a week of sewing with my sister Diane!!! Of course, I will also spend some time with my Mom and I will visit with my other sister Debbie, and stop by to check out my little brother James' new home theatre room.  I saw photos and it looks pretty impressive - so I will have to plan to have some of my projects at the hand-work stage when I go to his house. (you know, so that I can work while watching a movie).
My dear hubby, Louie, is sitting this vacation out. He didn't think it would be much fun to go all the way to Vermont to listen to my sister and I yack and sew every day (I can't imagine why).
Of course, there is one more thing I will be doing when in Vermont.  This is super exciting too!  Turns out the folks I went to High School with are having a multi year reunion while I am back there. Graduates from Essex Junction High School from 1969 through 1979 will be getting together. This will be the first time attending for me. Both my sisters fall into that category too! (I also have an older brother that does, but he lives in Texas).
Yesterday was a pretty successful sewing day for me. I managed to put together 10 burp cloths (for gifts), stitch out part of a quilt on my embroidery machine, and get a few more hearts completed for the same quilt!  I am off traveling for work this week but look forward to coming home and hitting the machine again. I would like to have that quilt done before my sewcation.
Sister Diane and I have a very specific, important mission and I can't wait to share it all with you once it is done!
Until later, have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Little Tease

I spent some  time over the weekend pulling out projects and planning others. I had a bit of a panic attack when I thought I had lost part of the pattern to Nick and Kathryn's quilt. BUT, thankfully, I found the whole thing along with all the pieces.  As I read through the pattern, it became quite clear WHY I stopped when I did!  The next section of this quilt will require quite a bit of concentration! But I do have a plan!!
Meanwhile, I thought I would work on some of the others I have been planning. 
For my friend Kim, you will get a kick out of this!  My "princess" quilt I was planning has now become one of hearts! I decided NOT to spend any more money and use up what I have!  Here's what I accomplished Sunday:

I am planning this one as I go along!

We'll see what the finished project looks like. . .
Well, I'm off to Colorado in the morning so my sewing will have to wait until next weekend.
Until then . . .

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Greatest Dad!!

20 years ago, I went to Southern California to finish up my RN training. I had been an LPN for 13 years and during most of those years, I would have a baby, take a class, have a baby, take a class (you get the picture!).
The final part of my education had me going to Long Beach to do a 2 1/2 day practical.  When I finished, I met up with my brother and sister-in-law and we ended up shopping at a big mall.
Father's day was coming and I was in search of the best gift for my husband. We saw a shop in the mall where they made customized shirts.  This is what Louie received for Father's day 20 years ago:

The shirt says:  I'm a great Dad, just ask:   Nicholas, Hannah, Ben, Megan, Diane, Nathan, Jared, Joel, Kimera.

The lady in the shop couldn't believe I wanted NINE kids on the shirt!!!!

My son-in-law, Luke, was asking Louie on his birthday (the week before Father's Day) what the best gift was that he could remember receiving and Louie said it was this shirt.

Well. . . the kids got together and decided to do another:

This is the whole family as of Father's Day, 2013

Top row is Nicholas' family

Second row is Hannah (who will forever be pregnant) and Luke; Ben, and his family (Victoria will also forever be pregnant)

 Third row is Megan; then Diane and her family,
Last row is Nathan, Jared and Joel (all three are military) and Kimera (who is no longer the baby!)
Louie certainly got a kick out of this one!!