Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers. . .Bring May Flowers!!!

Welcome to day 4 of the April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop!!  Many thanks to Mdm. Samm (Sew we Quilt) who thinks up these wonderful ideas, and to Erin Davis (Sew at Home Mummy), our organizing Cheerleader!  Without the hard and diligent work of these women, the blog hops most likely would not happen.

When I saw the idea of April Showers, I automatically thought of May Flowers! I just love flowers, don't you? Daisies are my absolute favorite!

Last fall, our local quilt shops had a hop and I picked up this pretty clever plastic thingy called a Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker. So I decided to try it out on this project. While watching a show called "Call the Midwife" (you gotta love Apple TV), I knocked out these two little flowers. (the one with 10 petals definitely looks better!)

Here's my mug rug:

 So, the little flower is actually attached to an elastic
to hold a spoon in place.
And who wouldn't want to use a chocolate dipped spoon in their morning coffee?!!
 I had to hurry with the photos so I could down that cup of
coffee while it was still hot!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting Ready. . .

Once again, I have managed to go a long time without writing! It's funny how life just happens - then the next thing you know, a month or more has passed.
I don't usually talk about work here. BUT, just to explain why I haven't written, I have been very busy with work. I am an RN who has worked the last 22 years in Long Term Care. (Before that, I worked for 13 years in acute care). My roles in long term care have led me from floor nurse, to staff development, to Director of Nursing, and now to compliance. I travel now and when I am not traveling, I work at home. Sometimes I think I am going to have a couple of weeks working from home and then I will be asked to go check something out! To give you an idea of how much travel I have done since the first of the year - I have already made A-list status on Southwest for 2014!!! Gotta love those frequent flyer perks!

OK, so enough of work!  I am getting ready for . . . .(drum roll please)

The April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop!!!!
I am sew excited to start hopping through the blogs to see the creativity of a lot of women out there!
So stay tuned, I will be featured on April 11th!
See you then!