Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summertime Sewing

I have a friend who lost her husband this morning.  I am sad for her and her children and what they are experiencing right now. BUT I can also be happy that her husband Rick is now with the Lord in Heaven and THAT is truly a blessing. It doesn't lessen the pain those left behind feel, but knowing they will see him again one day is the silver lining around their cloud.  I find as the years go by, we are seeing more of our friends and acquaintances  leave this world.  A normal part of life, but one that affects us immensely!  Sooo, therapy for me is cranking up the Southern Gospel music and sitting at my sewing machine.

In my last post, I mentioned I had a two week trip for work to Denver and was planning on getting some sewing done. Well, I DID!  A wonderful lady named Darcy lent me her sewing machine and I was able to put a small dent in this quilt that I started almost 10 years ago.  Here are some photos:

This is Darcy's Sewing machine.  She said it was the first purchase she ever made on credit! A sweet  little machine that ran like a charm.
I managed to sew together 128 melon pieces for this quilt:

So, while 128 pieces may sound impressive, I have a total of 508 melon pieces to sew up!!
Not a great photo, I know, but this is a small representation of all the pieces I have sewn together.  If I don't hurry up and finish this, I will come up with some missing   :(
These are the three types of pieces I have sewn together so far:  Arc A, Arc B, and Melon .
I am convinced it will be beautiful when it is done - just want to get there!
Meanwhile, I need to finish this one up first:
Again, not a great photo BUT - aren't you impressed with how organized I am??
This is a photo of the made up pattern. From the book - P.S. I Love You Two
If you are a reader of my blog, you will recognize the pattern. My sister and I made a full size one out of the Christmas fabric we bought last year.  This will be the Fourth time I make this pattern up!!

All ready to start my therapy!

Notice the Starbuck's cup to the right?  Yep - gotta have the 'ole caffeine!
Oh, and the vacuum cleaner in the background is to remind me once in a while I need to clean.
Til next time. . .

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Finished Baby Quilt

I finished the Baby quilt my sister and I put together when in Vermont.  I quilted it on my sewing machine on Monday (Memorial Day) and logged 1 hour and 20 minutes of actual sewing time but it took me between 3 and 4 hours (that's because I had to roll, move, roll, move, THINK, roll, move . . .  you get the picture!)
Not really my best work - I was frustrated with the little issues from the piecing.  BUT, it sure is cute!  We used the applique patterns from Designs by JuJu.  This is actually an alphabet set with a picture attached but we chose not to use the letters. 

I REALLY need a better camera with some experience on taking good photos but here are some shots of the quilt:

I love looking at the back of quilts to see the stitching!

I am off to Denver for work for the next two weeks.  I dread being gone from Hubby and home for that long BUT, I managed to secure a sewing machine to use while I am up there and am planning on spending my evenings in the hotel room SEWING!!!  Yay!
I mentioned a while ago on one of my postings that I was getting ready to get back to a quilt I started a Very Long Time Ago. . .
I am bringing it with me and hope to make some progress.  Finishing up that quilt will make me feel like I have truly accomplished something and then can move on to other projects I have had lined up for a while.
I will post photos as I go along.  Who knows, maybe I will be organized enough to post while I am away!
Now, to ensure I organize my work days up there to not be too long and exhausting  (When I travel for work, I usually work 12 to 16 hour days in hopes of  being able to relax a little when I am home.  Needless to say, that RARELY happens   :))
Until next time . . .