Friday, June 21, 2013


 I may have mentioned in a previous post that I am a nurse and work as part of a compliance team for a company that owns and operates long term care facilities. When I took this job (just over a year ago), I decided that one of my goals would be to visit a quilt shop wherever my travels took me. Well, that doesn't happen a whole lot because when I am visiting a facility, my work day usually takes me past (sometimes long past) 5pm - which is when most quilt shops close for the day.

This week I was in Colorado.  I left the facility in search of lunch and had stopped at a Wal-Mart neighborhood market for the much needed bottle of water and CHOCOLATE! I headed out of the parking lot in one direction and decided to turn the car around and head out the other way when I saw the sign in big letters - QUILT SHOP.  Well, needless to say, that lunch hour just got extended as I pulled up to the front of the shop, parked, and got out!

I was at Fabric Expressions in Littleton, Colorado.  What fun to check out quilt shops and get a feel for the personalities that go into the them!

This shop (like many others), carries a lot of Moda fabrics. Being a lover of pre-cuts, I was thrilled to see so many jelly rolls, charm packs, and dessert rolls! The owner of this shop seems to really like the fabrics and patterns of Fig Tree & Co. (Joanna Figueroa). Of course, I love her creations too and was able to purchase one of her Vintage Stamp Collection patterns and a couple of charm packs.  The shop had many quilts hanging up throughout the store - always eye candy for me!
I guess this was one of the best lunch hours I have had in a long time!

Well of course I had to pick up some Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Needing Encouragement Part II

Well, I got it done. I finished an hour ago and have managed to take photos and clean up my mess. Now I have to pack and head out to the airport (with the quilt).  Seriously though, WILL I EVER LEARN???!!!!

So, the positives of this are (because I am the person who always looks through rose-colored glasses!):    * This project is done          *My sewing area is clean           *All the mending is done          *I am free and clear to work on . . . . (see below)

Here are the photos of this baby quilt:
I Started with these

And ended up with this

I meandered in the big areas
Outline stitched in the pinwheels and half square triangles
I pieced the binding together with strips of the different fabrics.

I sure hope they like it!
Now, for what I am free to work on . . .   (drum roll please)
The quilt I started around 8 years ago for Nick and Kathryn
It is the Wedding Star by Judy Neimeyer (sp)
Kathryn chose blues with a white background.

The plum and lighter shade are for the star
All of my arcs have been completed (actually, they have been done for a couple of years!)
The next pieces to put together are the melon pieces.

Another goal?  YES! This quilt must be done this year! (help me)  :)

Will keep you in photos as I progress!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Christmas is coming . . .

When I was a young girl (long, long ago, in a faraway place . . .) I used to pull out the Christmas albums in July and start playing them on my Dad's stereo. My parents thought it was "cute" and through the years, they were accustomed to this practice.  I have done this with my own family and my kids "tolerate" me after much groaning.
Two years ago (in October), I went home to Vermont, loaded up my Mom, and we went driving through Lancaster County, PA, to see the beautiful Amish quilts. I got a smile out of Mom when I put in a Christmas CD!  At least someone appreciates my zeal for the holiday!  :)
Knowing this about me, you can just IMAGINE how excited I was to see a Christmas blog hop in July (well, OK, mostly August)! 
I signed up and I'm in!   Woo Hoo!! I am a happy camper!
I invite you to check back often, and most of all, check back in August during the Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life Happens

Wow! It is June 8th already!
Tomorrow little grandson Christian will be a year old. Today my son and daughter in law had a little birthday party for him. The little bugger managed to keep a whole bunch of adults entertained for several hours. The most fun of all was when he ate his birthday cake. His father was wise to remove his shirt, knowing there would be chocolate frosting all over everything!!

This little cutie made us laugh! He got all of that cake into - AND all over him!
So, of course, things like this trump anything else - like finishing up projects.
Gotta get that quilt done! More photos to come . . .