Monday, July 25, 2016

A Month (or two) of Sundays . . . .

Have gone by since my last post.  How have you all been?
Our kitchen remodel project finally got off the ground two weeks ago.  All I can say is, what a mess!  I have never seen so much dust . . . And I live in the desert!  Ha!
Before they came to demolition my kitchen, I spent a lovely couple of days feverishly putting together a couple of quilt tops to send to my sister for quilting.
Alas, they still are sitting in my sewing room, waiting to be put in the mail!  I keep thinking I will finish this next one and add it to the box.
Speaking of the next one. . . .  Grand baby #14 was born yesterday morning!  She is absolutely beautiful!  Addison Rae Rayes joined us just before 10am yesterday morning weighing in just shy of 8# and measuring 19.5 inches long.    The quilt unfinished is for her!

A sneak peak at starting Addison's quilt:

Of course every good quilter needs sustenance to get her through the project!  :)

Here is Ethan's top.  I call it "Thinking outside the Square"

Not a great photo but I embroidered all the cars and moving vehicles, then appliqued them onto the fabric.  I just had to add the crayon borders!

And here is the quilt I put together in a day!

It is a jelly roll quilt made from Riley Blake's Beaujolais line.  This photo does not do it justice! The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!

Well, I am off to work in Idaho tomorrow.  No quilting for a while.  Hopefully when I come home Friday evening, my new kitchen counters will be in!
Til next time!

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