Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Projects

With a family my size I have finally learned to plan projects in small bites! I have told my kids that I plan to make each of THEIR families new Christmas Stockings. They get to pick the style and the type of fabric, colors, etc. So, we started with Diane's family. She liked the crazy patch and thought whimsical fabric would be cute. Here is what we came up with:

                                                      First we did Grandson #6- Gabe
                                                       (Diane and Isaac's first baby!!)
                                                                    The Back side
                                                                      Then Isaac's

                                         Last, we did Diane's. Kimera picked out this fabric!

                                                           The back of hers is green!

                                                        I love my embroidery machine!

Kathryn has chosen a very clever idea for her family.  They will get them for next year, as will Victoria and Ben!  With a whole year to get them done, everyone should have new stockings! So, when those are done, I will post those photos (next December!)

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