Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Needing Encouragement Part II

Well, I got it done. I finished an hour ago and have managed to take photos and clean up my mess. Now I have to pack and head out to the airport (with the quilt).  Seriously though, WILL I EVER LEARN???!!!!

So, the positives of this are (because I am the person who always looks through rose-colored glasses!):    * This project is done          *My sewing area is clean           *All the mending is done          *I am free and clear to work on . . . . (see below)

Here are the photos of this baby quilt:
I Started with these

And ended up with this

I meandered in the big areas
Outline stitched in the pinwheels and half square triangles
I pieced the binding together with strips of the different fabrics.

I sure hope they like it!
Now, for what I am free to work on . . .   (drum roll please)
The quilt I started around 8 years ago for Nick and Kathryn
It is the Wedding Star by Judy Neimeyer (sp)
Kathryn chose blues with a white background.

The plum and lighter shade are for the star
All of my arcs have been completed (actually, they have been done for a couple of years!)
The next pieces to put together are the melon pieces.

Another goal?  YES! This quilt must be done this year! (help me)  :)

Will keep you in photos as I progress!

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  1. Cathy - the baby quilt is dariling!!!! Great job!!!!! Cannot wait to see Kathyrn and Nick's quilt done!!! It is beauitful! Now do each of the other 8 kiddos get a quilt for getting married?? :)