Sunday, October 27, 2013

Houston Quilt Market

What a crazy weekend!  Sister Diane and I are both en route to our homes (different directions) now after having a great weekend together in Houston.  Our creative juices - right along with our silly and zany ones - were running amuck!  We took educational and inspirational classes, visited vendor booths, and met some wonderful people who had all kinds of nuggets of gold to share with us.
BUT FIRST, We decided to prepare ourselves for what dear hubby might say when he learns how much $$$ we spent . . .

I am planning on blaming Diane but she says .. .
This was just tooo funny to pass up! It was right there by the Southwest Ticket Counter at the Houston Airport!

We stayed at a very nice hotel not too terribly far from the Convention Center.  It was the Doubletree by Hilton. About a mile away, we decided to forgo the shuttle and hoof it.  By the end of Friday, this is what my pedometer app told me:
Now, I happen to believe this is an error. But we really walked about 15,000 steps!  By the time we got back to the hotel on Friday night, all we could do was GROAN like a couple of old ladies!!!
By the way, this represents a couple of round trips from hotel to convention center and back.  Diane had one more round trip than me because she forgot to take her medication and had to go back and get it!!!!!
Opening session For School house was done by Andover Fabrics.  They have the license to do a line based on one of my favorite shows,   Downton Abbey.
They flew in the show's costume designer and the show's set designer.  They both had lovely British Accents and It was fascinating to hear all about what they do.
The fabric line is beautiful and here are some photos of what they had made up:

Well, that's all for now!! I will post more later.

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  1. LOL. Yoi guys had way to much fun!!! Cannot wait to see what you jave added in your store!!!!