Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quilt Market Part II

Wow, it's hard to believe at this time last week sister and I were physically exhausted but mentally stoked!!  We spent last Saturday working with a fabric rep and drooling over the beautiful fabrics that will be released next year.  We purchased 2 lines - they will be coming out at different times. We also purchased some fabrics that will be shipped this month (how exciting!!!).

But . . . let's start at the top of the day.  Here is a picture from the Convention Center in Houston:

Sister Diane enjoying the morning before Market opened:

Once the market opened, we just HAD to stop and check out the sit down models of the Gammil sewing machines.  This is Diane making a mug rug  (I had to explain to her what a mug rug is - we used to call them coasters! Diane is older than me and learning new lingo is more difficult for her. She has probably asked me 3 to 4 times what a mug rug is!)  :)  Love you Sis!

Towards the end of the day, I managed to spot Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Fabrics.  Not only is she a talented woman, she is very kind and gracious, too!  This photo was for my friend Kim! She LOVES everything Lakehouse!

 This past week was crazy!  Got home from Market on Sunday, left for Denver Tuesday morning (work related), got home Thursday evening.  Then we had a baby shower for daughter Hannah. She is expecting her first baby - A GIRL!!!

Hannah wants to decorate the baby's room with letters so we bought the alphabet in different sizes and fonts.  We set up a painting and decorating station for the shower guests to show off their creative abilities.  Here are some photos of what the finished product looks like:

Neat idea, huh?
Well, I am off to San Antonio tomorrow for a conference on the software the company I work for is using.  Hopefully I will learn all kinds of things this week!
Until next week!

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  1. Love love your idea for the baby shower! The letters are sooooo cute! I think you and your sister had way to much fun at quilt market!