Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ahhhh, My Friend

It is still 2013 here in Phoenix as I write this post.  The New Year has come already to the East Coast.                                  Happy New Year Family and Friends!!

Every year, my friend Kim and I swap Birthday gifts.  I think opening her gift to me is the highlight of my Birthday each year!! (My birthday is December 27th)
Well, this year she sent me 3 lovely charm packs (Fig Tree & Co.), some white yardage, and a pack of English paper piecing papers (The 6-Pointed Diamond).  You know, all I need is another addiction!
Being the thoughtful person she is, Kim told me it was for me to have hand work to keep me busy on the plane when I travel and for those lonely nights in my hotel room.  (I have a job that requires quite a bit of travel.)  Well, I had to take it out, touch it, feel it, research it . . .

                                                Oh My!!!! This is turning out to be quite fun!

So Dearest Kim, Thank you very much!  I will be sure to post photos of the finished project (at this point I have no idea what it will be!)

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Happy Sewing. . .


  1. What a sweet gift from your friend...they look beautiful! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Aww glad you liked it! Wow, we can share another addiction to english paper piecing! Love the way your star turned out! Cannot wait to follow your progress! :)