Thursday, December 19, 2013


This post is to let you all know of a great product I recently came across.
Here's the scoop:

The Compliance Team I work with had a team meeting the first week of December.  One of our fun activities was to have a "White Elephant" gift exchange.  There were 23 of us and I drew number 22.  How fun to get to see all the gifts opened and then have the opportunity to choose what I wanted!!!

Being the coffee snob (Starbucks Fan) that I am, everyone thought for sure I was going to go for the gift that was all coffee related.

 Ahhh, not so! 

When one of my teammates opened a gift that was homemade, I quickly decided THAT was going to be my choice!  Each gift could only be stolen three times so I was crossing my fingers behind my back, just hoping it would not be stolen to prevent ME from being the ultimate thief!

Alas, my turn came and the gift was available.   So, WHAT was the gift?   Homemade Sugar Scrubs!
My friend Beth and her daughter made these yummy sugar scrubs that are TOTALLY edible (but that is not what they are made for), and smell like heaven!! I guess you could say they were heaven scent.

I ordered some and here is a sample of what I got:

The scents available (so far) are:  Ginger Lemongrass, Lavender, Vanilla Brown Sugar, Spiced Coffee, Peppermint Sugar, and Mechanics (a sandalwood scent). 
She made me a special one - Spiced Coffee (YUM).  I will let you know what I think  *wink*
These are available in plastic or glass containers.  Beth was very clever to use the plastic! She was thinking ahead to hazards of oil, bathtubs, glass . . .

You can order from her too!  Here is her information: 

                                             Beth Ringwald, Scrubsations, 720-252-2514

Let's help Beth and her daughter with their new endeavor AND benefit from their talents!!!

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