Thursday, February 7, 2013

almost DONE!!!

It's a great day here at my house! I was able to put the final borders on this quilt top, hang it up, and take photos of it! Phew!!!! Notice I added a white inner border to break up the busyness of the original pattern!   Now to decide on how to quilt it. . .
I would like to tackle this myself BUT don't want to do anything boring. I need some ideas. Can you help me out?
My goal will be to get it totally complete by the end of February. See, I figure if I put it out there, then I will not only be disappointing myself if I don't complete it but might be disappointing you also.
Let me know your thoughts, the clock is ticking!



  1. This is sew pretty. I love this fabric line and bought a layer cake with a gift certificate for Christmas. It is still a layer cake. You are sew far ahead of me on this one. Maybe I will try this pattern. The white border adds much to this design.

    Are you quilting it? What did you decide, I wonder?