Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catching Up

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies! It has been almost 10 days since I last wrote! I have spent the last week and a half trying to get over a cold that turned into a sinus infection (Yuck). I work from home when I am not traveling so have put in some long days recently. And to top it all off, my husband and I have paid to have our pool refinished!  On Saturday, they brought over a pump to drain the pool. Said it would take about 8 hours and 14 hours later it was still being drained. Here are photos of the pool being drained:

They said we would be called before they came to do the demolition - taking off the tile and the plaster. Well, Monday morning I was getting ready to jump on a conference call when the doorbell rang, the dog started barking, and the young man at the door said they were here to demo the pool! 5 young men went into the back yard with a jackhammer, a bunch of buckets, shovels, brooms, and MASKS and got to work. It was a bit challenging to hear what was being said on my conference call due to the jackhammering!
Sooo, about 5 hours later, this is what the pool looked like:

I think it's pretty scary looking!!  BUT, I am so proud of myself for thinking how cool my little grandsons in Wyoming would think it was to see a VIDEO of someone jackhammering Nana's pool! I used my handy little iphone, took a video, and sent it to my daughter in law! She wrote back the boys thought it was cool!

I finished stitching the 9 blocks to Betsy's closet. I took photos but not impressed with  the photo quality. Here is one more block. Hopefully I will get this small quilt top put together tomorrow and post a photo of the finished project:

Well, until next time . . . Happy sewing to all!

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