Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting things Done!

I have had a great week(end) going into this week!  I went to Texas for work last week and was so jazzed to have completed my work almost completely by the time we left Dallas!  Flying home, we came through some gorgeous water filled clouds and I asked the Lord to let the rain come down on Phoenix.  Well, it was obviously in His plan and we had wonderful rain Thursday night, all day Friday and Saturday with sunshine and clouds with a little bit of sprinkles on Sunday.  For those who live in states other than Arizona, it may be hard to understand how we CRAVE the rain!  Believe it or not, sometimes the sun can be tiring!
Well . . . all the rain, dark clouds, and cooler weather encouraged me to get to work!  I quilted the gorgeous Christmas Tree skirt my sister Diane made in August.  Here are some photos:

Above is a photo of the whole thing hanging on the fence by the pool.  Diane will need to cut into the skirt, cutting up one side and cutting out a circle in the center, then binding it.
I did a cross-hatch in the center area.  I think it looks pretty cool!
The narrow green border was begging for some decorative stitching.  I love my sewing machine!  I used two different built in stitches with my super cool walking foot.
Here's another view
The red border has decorative stitching on each side.
Not knowing Diane's plans for the outside edge, I decided to use another decorative stitch on the white border.  The border is about 1 1/2 inches.  She might choose to cut it off.
It's hard to see, but I did a small meander stitch in the green print area.
I guess one would say this was "custom" quilted.  I am excited to see the finished product!
I finished the Christmas tree skirt on Saturday.  Well, that spurred me on to finish another project I have shown on my blog.  It is downright embarrassing to admit that I did not finish it until - YESTERDAY!!!  But, I am happy to say that today I packaged it up and mailed it off.
Here is the finished baby quilt for my friend Riche's first grandchild!  Myka was born in late May and Riche told me when I saw her in June that she likes PINK!!!
The sun was shining and it was difficult to get a great shot.
I hand outlined the hearts. The outlined each 10 inch block, did an "X" in each small square, and also outlined the inside smaller block around the heart.
I always love looking at the back of quilts!
Here's another view.
I used more decorative stitching in the sashing.  Above is a heart swirl.
Below is a balloon pattern.

I made a label.
Well, it didn't end there!  My newly married son texted me and asked me to send him my Hunger Games Books (because the second movie opened last weekend).  When I put them in the box to mail, there seemed to be more room.  I decided to try out a Patrick Lose pattern I saw in the latest Celebrations magazine.  This is what I made to send to my new daughter in law:

Pretty cute, huh?
Unfortunately, I managed to get a steam burn on three of my fingers from the iron when I was pressing the binding.  But after a couple of hours of whining, I am fine  :)
The long weekend ahead promises to be a busy one with working on Christmas gifts.  What are you all up to? Leave me a comment and let me know! 
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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