Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sappy Sappy Sappy!!

I must confess - I so dearly enjoy the Sappy Christmas Movies that are played on Hallmark and Lifetime at this time of year!  It started last Saturday and I am SURE if I don't scale back, I will be tired of it all by the time Christmas gets here  :)

I am a talented lady and as I write this post, ( I know how to multi-task)  I am watching "Snow Bride" on the Hallmark Channel.  My kids (they are all adults now) show up occasionally to let me know how sad I am.

I have been busy sewing too!  This is what I did today:

Not a real great photo, I know. But, I was trying my hand at a little Victorian project.
The Victorian projects I have viewed have a LOT of BLING!! I am not a very bling-y type of person so this was a little difficult.
One of the purposes of this project was to use fabric from one of the lines my sister and I purchased in the summer.  I also made this:

A pillow case. I watched the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on Youtube to check out how to sew it "hot dog" style.  I decided to do French seams on the inside.  It looks very nice!

Well, back to "Snow Bride".  It is easy to figure out they will fall in love and then have a difficult time trusting each other once he figures out she is not who she said she was.  Oh but it is still fun!

Off to Denver for a quick trip this week then more sewing when I am home.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. :). Love what you made!!!! You have inspired me!! Love the Hallmark christmas movies also!!